800px-SCP002.jpg scp-002 SOURCE UNKNOWN
All found copies of the image refer to the version used by us.
SCP-003a.jpg scp-003 freefoto.com BY-NC-SA CC
SCP004_door.jpg scp-004 SOURCE UNKNOWN
All found copies of the image refer to the version used by us.
SCP-005.jpg scp-005 flickr.com PERMISSION GRANTED
SCP006_stream.jpg scp-006 yobiadventures.com AWAITING REPLY
Scp008.jpg scp-008 SOURCE UNKNOWN
SCP-009.jpg scp-009 gdargaud.net PERMISSION GRANTED
SCP-011.JPG scp-011 freefoto.com BY-NC-SA CC
IMG_0105.JPG scp-013 scp-wiki.net BY-SA CC
user-generated image
3241597616_e47326fc1a.jpg scp-014 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Scp015.jpg scp-015 invisiblethreads.com PERMANENTLY REMOVED
medium.jpg scp-015 scp-wiki.net BY-SA CC
made by site member Scorpion451
SCP-017.jpg scp-017 SOURCE UNKNOWN
superball.jpg scp-018 SOURCE UNKNOWN
scp-019.jpg scp-019 SOURCE UNKNOWN
scp-019-2.jpg scp-019 ghoststudy.com UNABLE TO CONTACT
These guys aren't the copyright holders, but might know who are. I emailed them asking for contact info on the photographer, if they have it. Since they aren't the owners of the photo, I didn't remove the pic from the article for now. -anq
UPDATE: They've replied with the contact info for the original photographer, trying to contact them now.
UPDATE2: Contact info is no longer valid. So much for that.
scp020.jpg scp-020 SOURCE UNKNOWN
the image is widely used by hundreds of mold-related sites, making it very hard to determine the origin
scp020-2.jpg scp-020 s903.photobucket.com UNABLE TO CONTACT
021.jpg scp-021 andyshou.com PERMISSION GRANTED
the image is not on the site itself, but is extensively attributed to it by third-party sites
morgue.png scp-022 SOURCE UNKNOWN
used all over the place, with many places giving contradicting info about the origin of the photo
scp-023.jpg scp-023 SOURCE UNKNOWN
sound_stage_pic1.jpg scp-024
alaska-double-wardrobe.jpg scp-025
026-A.jpg scp-026
026-B.jpg scp-026
026-C.jpg scp-026
scp-027a.jpg scp-027
500156621_beda7699fb.jpg scp-028
scp-029_th.jpg scp-029 scp-wiki.net BY-SA CC
Made by site member Cyantreuse.
scp030xray.jpg scp-030
031.jpg scp-031
mexico73.jpg scp-034
scp--035--002.gif scp-035
SCP-036-1-small.jpg scp-036
SCP-036-2.jpg scp-036
monkey.png scp-039
SCP-042 scp-042
whitealbum scp-043
SCP-44.jpg scp-044
scp-046-a.jpg scp-046
scp-046-b.jpg scp-046
SCP-047.jpg scp-047
p047a.jpg scp-047
SCP-049 scp-049
monkeytrophy.jpg scp-050
train.jpg scp-052
Scp053.jpg scp-053
bluerock1.jpg scp-059
blueroom.jpg scp-059
white%20oak.JPG scp-060
burning.jpg scp-060
064.jpg scp-064
scp065.jpg scp-065
yarn1.jpg scp-066
new066-2%281%29.jpg scp-066 jaceyboggs.com PERMISSION GRANTED
SCP-067-small.jpg scp-067
SCP-067-2.jpg scp-067
SCP068.jpg scp-068
B002SUFTFQ.jpg scp-072
scp-075.jpg scp-075 takeshiyamada.weebly.com PERMISSION GRANTED
Thanks to Voct for the find.
I had a prolonged email conversation with the artist, in which he expressed someā€¦ interestingā€¦ views on fair use. He then stopped replying to my emails. I'm filing this under "Permission Denied", since that's the closest thing to what I understand the artist's position to be. -anq
UPDATE: Received permission to use the image - anq
Engraved.jpg scp-077
sign.jpg scp-078
081.jpg scp-081
SCP-082.jpg scp-082
radio%20tower.jpg scp-084
dhall.jpg scp-084
scp085-03.png scp-085
rotary%20phone%20from%201970s%20%28SCP-086%20image%29.jpg scp-086
rf.php scp-087
2.png scp-087
scp088.jpg scp-088 pinktentacle.com BY-NC-SA CC
g_warren_shufelt.jpg scp-088
scp-089.jpg scp-089
Crab.jpg scp-098
The_Portrait.jpg scp-099
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