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1201.jpg scp-1201 mideastimage.com AWAITING REPLY
Enters Public Domain in 2021, at which point we can restore it regardless of the response we'll receive from the source
scp1206.jpg scp-1206 skyscrapercity.com AWAITING REPLY
1207.jpg scp-1207 UNABLE TO CONTACT
Image is a clear manipulation of a physical art piece. Fair Use is likely, pending future policy decisions.
87ot7iystrhdfgd.jpg scp-1209 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Claim by author that image was taken from former Visual Records index. Unable to verify.
scp1210.jpg scp-1210 geograph.org.uk BY-SA CC
irish-castle.jpg scp-1211 pdphoto.org PUBLIC DOMAIN
ld-bar-stool.JPG scp-1212 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Medieval-Catapult.jpg scp-1213 flickr.com AWAITING REPLY
Awaiting reply from author to see if this is a self-screenshot, which it appears to be.
scp1215.jpg scp-1215 commons.wikimedia.org BY-SA CC
Permissibly modified from original.
scp1216.png scp-1216 BY-SA CC
Author claims ownership, provides invalid deviantArt link.
SCP-1217-1.jpg scp-1217 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Multiple blogs/unlikely "sources" found. Possibly PD/CC as it is a Microsoft office.
SCP-1217-2.jpg scp-1217 SOURCE UNKNOWN
All search results lead back to the article.
1218.jpg scp-1218 freeimages.com PERMISSION GRANTED
Specific license, but free use.
film.jpg scp-1229 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Pending contact from Kalinin and/or the author; archived notes show "resolved."
new1230.png scp-1230 SOURCE UNKNOWN
No matches whatsoever; looks like a personal photograph.
victim.jpg scp-1232 skif-tag.livejournal.com PUBLIC DOMAIN
swiss_pastries.jpg scp-1234 SOURCE UNKNOWN
PMed Smapti.
haringfinalweb.jpg scp-1236 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Titled "haringfinalweb" and indeed resembles Keith Haring in style.
However, I can not find this exact piece.
1237.jpg scp-1237 de.wikipedia.org PUBLIC DOMAIN
tunnelfish.jpg scp-1238 en.wikipedia.org BY-SA CC
flood.gif scp-1238 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Probably own work; asking author.
SCP-1241_bits.jpg scp-1241 jan.ucc.nau.edu AWAITING REPLY
Seeking permission from owner of unmodified original.
Will seek author opinion upon reception thereof.
1243.jpg scp-1243 BY-SA CC
Original work by TheAdrift
stonespiral.jpg scp-1246 geograph.org.uk BY-SA CC
runman.jpg scp-1248 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Found linked to here; account no longer hosts image.
scp1250.jpg scp-1250 SOURCE UNKNOWN
fruit.png scp-1250 SOURCE UNKNOWN
danny.jpg scp-1257 PERMANENTLY REMOVED
Image is a still from "Bigfoot" copyright SyFy.
Fu3.jpg scp-1258 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Multiple similar illustrations found; none led to unaltered image/source.
scroll.jpg scp-1259 flickr.com BY-SA CC
Tiresias.jpg scp-1260 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Few different dead links cites as "sources."
http://www.tallshipbounty.org/ - Including this from USCG web pages.
scp-1262.jpg scp-1262 brazosvalleybride.com AWAITING REPLY
1263-head.jpg scp-1263 SOURCE UNKNOWN
Investigation ongoing
scp-1264.jpg scp-1264 en.wikipedia.org PUBLIC DOMAIN
SCP-1264-a.jpg scp-1264 SOURCE UNKNOWN
velocity2.png scp-1265 paleospot.com PERMISSION GRANTED
1269.jpg scp-1269 thevinylmailboxpost.com PERMANENTLY REMOVED
Used contact form, rote denial response.
office%20building.jpg scp-1270 SOURCE UNKNOWN
scp-1271.jpg scp-1271 SOURCE UNKNOWN
mAPV5cJAEF82TThkImw7SLw.jpg scp-1275 SOURCE UNKNOWN
1277.jpg scp-1277 americansouthwest.net PERMANENTLY REMOVED
1279.jpg scp-1279 UNABLE TO CONTACT
hookworm.jpg scp-1280 newscientist.com SOURCE UNKNOWN
Listed source sites stock website; image unable to be found.
1282.JPG scp-1282 PUBLIC DOMAIN
SCP-1283.jpg scp-1283 SOURCE UNKNOWN
tree-statue-8-25-2012.jpg scp-1285 SOURCE UNKNOWN
1286.png scp-1286 history.com SOURCE UNKNOWN
Close, but no cigar. Check again in a few months/year.
Coin_unknown-origin.jpg scp-1289 york.ac.uk AWAITING REPLY
SCPf.png scp-1293 charlesfreger.com AWAITING REPLY
SCPM.png scp-1293 charlesfreger.com AWAITING REPLY
Hugh.jpg scp-1294 dezinfo.net SOURCE UNKNOWN
Dead-end to above, unlikely the proper source.
diner%20%281%29.jpg scp-1295 gettyimages.co.nz PERMANENTLY REMOVED
dialallama.jpg scp-1296 SOURCE UNKNOWN
SCP-1297.jpg scp-1297 SOURCE UNKNOWN
robot-baby-creepy-02.jpg scp-1298 youtube.com AWAITING REPLY
Still from this video about a research project.
crawfoot2_f_crop.jpg scp-1299 uglytub.net SOURCE UNKNOWN
Site above no longer hosts image. Unable to verify further.
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