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RedViolin.jpg scp-1301 SOURCE UNKNOWN
1302.jpg scp-1302 SOURCE UNKNOWN
1305.jpg scp-1305 SOURCE UNKNOWN
tissue.gif scp-1308 ajronline.org SOURCE UNKNOWN
Not really, just awaiting instructions.
SCP1313.JPG scp-1313 ebay.com AWAITING REPLY
I'm not going to remove this yet, since the source is ebay; I expect a reply shortly, and if not I'll drop it.
scp1314.png scp-1314 BY-SA CC
Edited version of a Public Domain photo; Randomini doesn't remember where it came from though.
game.jpg scp-1315 SOURCE UNKNOWN
This could be anything.
1316-1 scp-1316 commons.wikimedia.org PERMANENTLY REMOVED
This isn't on there any more and I don't know how to make it go away
1316-1.jpg scp-1316 commons.wikimedia.org BY-SA CC
Pretty kitty; thanks Gaff!
1317.jpg scp-1317 visualcollector.com AWAITING REPLY
Roget's got this one*
Scratch that, I've got it; save caveats as the ones above.
frankie.jpg scp-1318 flickr.com BY-SA CC
1320(1).jpg scp-1320 robmulholland.co.uk PERMISSION GRANTED
fuller2%20%281%29.jpg scp-1321 SOURCE UNKNOWN
SCP-1324.jpg scp-1324 SOURCE UNKNOWN
SCP-1324_Output.jpg scp-1324 kibardindesign.com PERMISSION GRANTED
Doesn't state CC, probably safe to assume not.
truffle_eggs.png scp-1325 flickr.com
BY-NC-ND; idk what to do, will be finding out.
SCP-1326.jpg scp-1326 timbakerfx.deviantart.com AWAITING REPLY
I don't have a proper dA account; I'm going to contact IO Team to see if I can pass this ball to one of them.
Dora sent a PM 1/23/17.
SCP-1326-2%20skeletal%20remains.jpg scp-1326 redbubble.com PERMISSION GRANTED
Permission granted by the owner, attribution added upon request. Available in staff email.
Keeping source here as listed, distinct from one on article, as the source here is the closest-resembling image still up, whereas the article links to the owner's main page (and does not contain the image).
scp1327.jpg scp-1327
1328.png scp-1328
abandonedaquarium.jpg scp-1329
ln_aquarium.gif scp-1329
emptytank.jpg scp-1329
landfill.jpg scp-1330
1332.jpg scp-1332
Untitled-1.jpg scp-1333
Untitled-2.jpg scp-1333
dots01.jpg scp-1336
dots02.jpg scp-1336
1337.jpg scp-1337
Badge.JPG scp-1339
manta.jpg scp-1340
1341.jpg scp-1341
1341-2.jpg scp-1341
SCP-1342_th.jpg scp-1342
1343.jpg scp-1343
1343-2.png scp-1343
goggles.png scp-1344
quonset.jpg scp-1345
1346.jpg scp-1346
1348-1.jpg scp-1348
1348-2.jpg scp-1348
1349.jpg scp-1349
1350.jpg scp-1350
moebiuscave1_color.jpg scp-1351
moebiuscave1_falsecolor2.jpg scp-1351
entrancedome.jpg scp-1351
oldexpedition.jpg scp-1351
1352.jpg scp-1352
centi.jpg scp-1353
SCP-1355.jpg scp-1355
SCP-1355-malfunction.jpg scp-1355
rubberduckyscp.jpg scp-1356
pooh%20bears%20everywheres.jpg scp-1357
lightpeople.jpg scp-1358
SCP-1360.jpg scp-1360
aramid.jpg scp-1360
meat.jpg scp-1361
Smokeman.jpg scp-1362
index.jpg scp-1363
1364.jpg scp-1364
scp1367.jpg scp-1367
pesterbot3000.jpg scp-1370
1371.png scp-1371
scp1375.jpg scp-1375
scp1376.jpg scp-1376
automaton.JPG scp-1377
dummy.JPG scp-1377
fuckingclownsAAAA.jpg scp-1379 scp-wiki.net BY-SA CC
user-generated image
1382.jpg scp-1382
permageddonbunker.png scp-1383
ring.jpg scp-1385
tumblr_m3w0bfYGH91qe0jdeo1_500.jpg scp-1386
index.jpg scp-1387
cabin.jpg scp-1387
1388.jpg scp-1388
mary%20magdalene.jpg scp-1389
scp-1390.jpg scp-1390
Blood-Letting-small.jpg scp-1392
SCP-1393.GIF scp-1393
SCP-1393-b.jpg scp-1393
1394.jpg scp-1394
SCP-1395%281%29.png scp-1395
gdead-small.jpg scp-1398
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